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Whether the decision for your loved one is to remain at home with the companionship of our Personal Care Givers or to reside at the Retreat at Oxbow North Assisted Living Community, we support the philosophy of aging in place.  This philosophy allows for a person to live in the residence of their choice, for as long as they are able, as they age.  This includes incorporating any support or services that they might need over time as their needs change. 

The Retreat At Oxbow teams with local Home Health and Hospice agencies to ensure high quality and consistent care for our elders, all without having to leave the living environment of their choice.  ​We also team with a twenty-four hour pharmacy service that allows for ease of ordering prescription medication, delivery of all medications and a daily tracking sheet to ensure that medications are assisted as instructed by the physician. 

If these are questions you have asked yourself and answered yes to any (or all) of them, consider Retreat At Oxbow Personalized Boutique In Home Care. Let our Personal Care Givers bring the same level of warmth, friendliness and reliability that you'll find at The Retreat At Oxbow North Assisted Living Community into your loved ones home. Personal Care Attendants will actively connect with you loved one and assist them with activities of daily living, meal preparation, light housekeeping, health and wellness activities, arrange for appointments and transportation and communicate with allied health professionals all while ensuring that your family member is safe in their own home. 
Are you increasingly uncomfortable leaving your loved ones at home without assistance?  Are you exhausted from trying to balance your time with the care that you feel your elderly family member needs?  Do you find your loved ones socially isolated and in need of a companion?  Do they need that extra hand around the house to assist them in continuing to live independently? 



Boutique In-Home Care

Nancy Giblin is an Assisted Living Administrator.  She is the owner of Retreat At Oxbow North.  Contact her regarding solutions for your senior.

Aging In Place

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