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The Care Givers at Retreat At Oxbow North Support Our Veterans And

The Wounded  Warrior Project -

November 2013

Nancy Giblin is an Assisted Living Administrator.  She is the owner of Retreat At Oxbow North.  Contact her regarding solutions for your senior.

All Of Our Personal Care Givers Receive State of New Mexico Mandated Annual Trainings 
Assisting with Medications, Quality Care, Resident's Rights, Food Safety, Fire Safety, Patient Confidentiality, Reporting Abuse and Neglect, Infection Control as Well as Coursework in Dementia and Palliative Care

​Sylvia -  Student Certified Nurses Assistant - I never realized how passionate I am about care giving until I started working at The Retreat At Oxbow North.  To make a difference in someone else's life by providing everyday care and assisting with their struggles really is self rewarding.  I am looking to continue my healthcare career as a physical therapist specializing in geriatrics.  The Retreat At Oxbow North is a very safe, warm and welcoming work/home environment.  I love interacting with the residents and all of the care givers.  Everyone works well together to provide the best care possible for the residents.

Leyla - Certified Nurses Assistant (1993) - I was born in a small country where I had a close knit family and we each spent time caring for each other.  Care giving has always been my passion and I always knew healthcare was a perfect career for me.  The love of caring, cooking and entertaining brought be to The Retreat At Oxbow North Assisted Living Community.

Alica - Student Occupational Therapy Assistant- I thoroughly enjoy caregiving; it has been a common thread in most of my jobs, beginning as a Nanny when I was 18 years old.  Caregiving is something that comes naturally to me, and it is rewarding on so many levels.  I love that I can bring joy and comfort to people by merely just being myself.  I am going back to school in September 2015 to become an Occupational Therapy Assistant.  I love working at Oxbow because the level of care expected and provided is exceptional in every way.  I have always felt supported and appreciated which is invaluable in itself.

Sydney -  Student Bachelors of Business - I got my  start in care giving at a young age by babysitting my neighbor's three children, and from there taking some essential first aid and CPR classes.  I have always recognized that I have a  willingness and desire to help people, making it a great fit to work in health care. I like working at Oxbow because of the spectacular staff and management. I find work very enjoyable because I am surrounded by fabulous and up-beat employees who all care for our residents at The Retreat At Oxbow North.   

​Daniella - Student Certified Nurses Assistant - I find care giving very rewarding; its a good feeling knowing that I am helping people with their daily activities so they can enjoy and be happy every day.  I would like to continue with a healthcare career.  It's something that I have always thought of doing.  I enjoy helping others and knowing that I can make a difference.  I like working at The Retreat At Oxbow North because it is a good working environment.  Everyone is friendly and very helpful.  The residents are vey lovely and working at The Retreat At Oxbow North is giving me great experiences to continue my career in healthcare, which is something I am very thankful for. 


Katherine - Student Bachelors Degree in Community Health Education - I love working with people, and I love the opportunity to help people.  I decided to take up caregiving because it is similar to nursing and allowed me to work closely with our residents.  My future goals are to attend nursing school and eventually get my practitioner's  license.  I like working at The Retreat At Oxbow North because we are all a family.  It is so nice to work so closely with the residents and get to know them better.

Jordan - Student Bachelors of Science  In Nursing - Degree Conferred Bachelors Degree in Community Health Education (2014) - I am passionate about care giving because I have always been a caring and loving individual.  I have always enjoyed and have a passion for helping and caring for others since a very young age.  While visiting my nephew in the NICU, I had an immediate desire to work in the healthcare field and to help people of all ages to improve or continue their quality of life.  My goals include finishing nursing school with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing in 2017.  After graduation I plan on continuing my education and getting my Masters of Science in Nursing. I like working at The Retreat At Oxbow North because it is a rewarding and humbling environment and I enjoy working with both the residents and care givers.  It is a great place to be!

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Our Staff are Professionally Trained  Individuals; Our Service and Dedication To Our Residents Is Unsurpassed....

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